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Céline P.     13 December 2019


I had doubts about my relationship with my fiancé when I contacted Mr SEKHOU. He immediately reassured me by a precise clairvoyance. We are going to be married in next June and I am 8 weeks pregnant. All goes well. Thank you for your good advice. I quickly recommended it to some of my relatives and everything goes for the better. Thank you for your good advice and for the work done.

Daniel Levy        12 October 2019


Out of curiosity I contacted Mr Sekhou to test it because I did not necessarily believe in all this but i was impressed by the accuracy and precision of his feelings. The second thing that challenged me was his kindness. The advice he gave me gave me confidence. This testimony is for me the least of things. I highly recommend it. Thank you Mr SEKHOU

Emilia W.      30 August 2019


Some time ago I took a consultation with Mr SEKHOU. The first of my life besides with a medium. I was amazed by the accuracy of his feelings about my situation, and others by the accuracy of his predictions. His advice was a great help to break the deadlock. Now my business is going well as well as my love lif. Bravo and big Thanks Mr. SEKHOU

Nicolas Joffrain        28 May 2019


Thank you very much for this consultation, you took your time and you have really surrounded me. A clairvoyance without complacency, You answered my questions and especially my doubts. I really thank you and I will make new calls to you for new questions. I recommend seeing him Mr SEKHOU without hesitation because he is a reliable person unlike some in this area

Christian S.          17 March 2019


When my career was at a low, a friend advised me to consult a seer because it had a second wind in his career thanks to Mr Sekhou to please me I agreed to contact despite my perplexity about it. In a few days everything started again I could not believe that everything he had predicted came true following his advice.

Because of my status he wished that I remain anonymous but I still wanted to put a few lines to thank him for having revived my life

Ismail Desiré        13 January 2019


In the past my father had already used a clairvoyant medium to help him in his business and it was productive so when I had complications in my life I appealed to many people working in this area but none of them was able to help me seriously (always asking me for a large sum of money). Luckily, I came across Mr Sekhou and immediately knew he was different from the others. I breathe finally ... Thank you Thank you

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